Watch Out For These Scams (Protect Your $)

Since my case studies on some of the passive revenue platforms out there today (Case Study 1, Case Study 2), I’ve been pitched tens of “1%+ per day” ROI nonsense scams.

The reality is that every day we are moving more towards a passive/automated revenue model in most businesses. Ecommerce, for example, is more automated and passive today than ever before. Here soon I’m expecting my Tesla car to generate passive revenue as a self-driving taxi service. SOP is paying me passive oil revenue from restored oil wells. Coverbetting/Aim is automatically performing 300-500 plays for me every month.

In the face of so much legitimate passive/automated opportunity, there are bound to be countless scams and ponzis pretending to be real. Unfortunately, I know many people who have lost thousands (and in some cases millions) to these kind of scams. In the video above I cover the primary things I look for to differentiate real business opportunities from scams and ponzis in just a few minutes.