The Sensible Financial Goals

“Find work you’re passionate about and you’ll never work a day in your life” is the oft-repeated saying. The second part is “and you’ll likely never be financially independent either.

The social media generation is strong on advice and motivational slogans and weak on basic business sense and math.”

“For every person I know that reached financial independence ‘pursuing their dreams’, I know 20 others that failed miserably.”

But  anyone who pursued their financial goals with proper planning and math eventually succeeded. From working in ecommerce, digital sales, medical industry, financial and investment markets, this observation has ALWAYS been accurate.

I established my first “business” at 18. Grew it to 7 figure revenue by 24, hit 8 figures revenue at 27, and have plans to get to 9 figures in my 30s. My passion is succeeding in business, not doing business in what I’m passionate about. And that’s a key distinction that’s lost today.

If your aim is to develop a real business starting with a small secondary income, growing it to a job replacing income, and then eventually scaling it to the kind of income that brings freedom, I hope many of the resources I’ve compiled here will come in handy.

If you’re just starting out or trying to determine what business model to pursue, it is highly recommended that you start with The Six Figure Fundamentals series.

If you’re at the stage ($300,000+ annual revenue minimum) where you need a partner to help you grow your sales, strategize expansion, and help with an exit or next series funding, feel free to use the contact page to schedule a time.