The only legit way to profit from crypto?

From ponzi schemes like USI-Tech and Circle Society, to “mining pools”, and hundreds of ICOs – is there anything legit about the crypto space?

A decade into the crypto craze, and no one can point to any solid, game changing innovations brought on by the crypto-blockchain markets. Enthusiasts will still foam at the mouth and tell you how great the blockchain is, and if you don’t cheer for it, you just don’t understand it, yet go silent when they are asked about anything specific. But let’s get to a more fundamental question – what can the average person do in the crypto space to try and make some profits?

Rule #1: Keep control of the money

If you “invest” with anyone, get “points”, or don’t have control of the funds – you are about to be scammed in majority of the cases. These are the hallmarks of typical ponzi schemes. You should ALWAYS keep control of your own funds. You MUST be able to withdraw your money into USD (or native currency) into your bank account whenever you want. If you can’t, it’s not a valid system and you should walk away. The only real such method in the crypto space is to trade actively on your own account, on a reputable exchange with high volume (like binance). But executing on it is a whole different story.

Rule #2: It is logical

How is the money being generated? Is there a logical explanation? Or is it some fangled non-sense about secret pools, and underground trading mechanisms? The only logical way to extract profits from the crypto space is to trade the markets and put away your profits in a stable currency as you do so. Anything beyond this is almost always some silly scheme to part you from your funds.

Rule #3: It is not aimed at the ‘poor’

Real businesses and investments are not aimed at people with only $50-$100 to put towards it. If you’re being pitched some company that will magically grow your $100 into $1000, you’re being scammed. Real investment and trading takes certain minimum balances to make it work – something in the neighborhood of $1000-$10,000. Real trading systems and even education on it have some costs associated with it. If you are at a less than $1000 budget, you shouldn’t be looking at ‘crypto investing’. You should instead be looking at low-cost, low-management business models like UnBox.


The only confirmed mechanism for pulling in profits from the crypto space is to active trade it and NEVER give control of your funds to someone else. If this is something you are serious about, the best recommendation is to trade with someone like Jeremy Barnett at Crypto Trade Masters, who has a history of successful trading and provides both the education, as well as the live trading classes for it.
You can get full details here ( (no, I’m not an affiliate) or can read my full review here – CryptoTradeMasters Review.

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