Nov 1 – The 6 Figure Plan (Free Training)

On November 1st, we held a special webinar showing exactly how you can easily build a 6 figure business with nothing but a pre-designed funnel that taps into multiple industries totaling up to $14 Trillion!

By the end of the webinar, majority of the people were of the opinion this may be the most value packed webinar they have ever attended!

Due to us hitting capacity on the webinar, many people were unable to get on, but we were able to save a recording so you can watch the replay:

To get started, all you have to do is create your free account:

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6 thoughts on “Nov 1 – The 6 Figure Plan (Free Training)”

  1. Other than Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and USA what other countries can persons make payment for the PRO or Elite subscription as those countries are the only ones listed in the payment area to make card payment.

  2. Sounds and looks great.
    Giving away gift cards make money is beyond belief but it seems realistic
    I’m eager to try and see the results.

    The only doubt I have by judging what Hitesh is saying about health and Travelcards as examples given
    that he is referring to the US market only. I live in Spain. Please advise.

    thanks BB

  3. Hitesh !

    You and Kevin are Awesome! So……thankful and grateful you remembered me! This Platform is already sending shockwaves in the industry based on its complicated Simplicity! This Revolutionary Future is the BeAll for E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing. You are the Giant Now! The fact that you’re paying it forward to help people like me succeed; I’m honored and excited to pay it forward and back with Results!

    Thanks again-

    1. You do not get paid for a kit or a sample – that is illegal. you get paid for generating a user for their healthcare platform and that’s it – nothing to do with what the user (patient) actually qualifies for. Which is much better economically as well as you don’t have to worry about what services the patient actually uses.

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