Six-Figure Fundamentals

From early 2018 to almost the end of 2019 one of my projects produced about $1.5m in revenue. While successful by many counts, this was a far cry from what would’ve actually been produced if I’d avoided the 3 Fundamental Fallacies of business (upwards of 8 figures).

A lot of people end up losing money, time, and energy in business ideas and concepts due to these fallacies. What’s worse, a significant majority of ‘typical home business’ concepts like MLMs, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and eCommerce can fall prey to this.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been working on your business for a while – these 3 Flaws (and their Fixes) will help you figure out if you’re on the right track or potentially making an expensive mistake.

Fundamental Fix 1 – The Misguided Lottery [Apply this to get to a profitable business ASAP!]
Fundamental Fix 2 – The Wasted Assets [Apply this to get to a job replacing income quickly]
Fundamental Fix 3 – The [The secret to a long term scaling 5 and 6 figure income]