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  1. That is awesome. We can give out these gift cards as incentive to get people to get their emails and hence build literally any business

  2. If I understood this right I can post gift cards for products to ANOTHER store (not my shopify store) and i will recieve margin on it? This sounds insane if correct! And I receive earning when someone in my team like my infini team does the same thing too?

    1. Yes that is correct – you receive commissions when someone in your team produces eCommerce sales by giving away gift cards, and you do not need to manage the store/customer at all. That is all done on your behalf by the stores/services contracted by the platform. I’ll go through all the products and services available in the platform in the next video as well.

  3. Very interesting and innovative, and very different from how I’ve been doing dropshipping with ads and my site right now. $10,000 in free gift cards sounds unreasonably high, how is that possible? Of course I’ll take it but still want to know how this is possible! 🙂

    1. It all comes down to net margins and how much budget a company is willing to spend on creating a positive market share. Look at the kind of incentives that were offered by Amazon, ebay and other companies at one point to acquire customers because they knew that in the backend services offered they’d more than make up for it. Same principle here, but because we are partnered with them we have a much larger pool access than is publicly available. Of course this won’t last forever and once the platform has achieved its desired market share they’ll likely end incentives like this. Until then, take all the advantage that you can.

      1. Those last two sentences bother me. Why would I work to build something that has a shelf life and, in all likelihood, end?

        1. My apologies on not being clear – I meant the extra incentives of $10k+ that we’re able to offer will likely end after this company has achieved their goals, similar to how Amazon, ebay/ shopify and others lowered the incentives they made available in their early days.

    2. This is awesome! Cant wait for the next video. I have done a giftcard incentive program before but the comissions have only been unilateral. But being able to also get paid when others give away giftcards is icing on the cake. And along with the bonuses Hitesh is offering this will be a no brainer and an ecommerce game changer!

  4. I am very interested in seeing more of this. This is a perfect time for me to get into something like this. Can’t wait to see the next video.

  5. Sounds very exciting! Can’t wait for next steps! Thank you Hitesh.

    PS. Will our existing downlines follow us to the new platform or will we start from scratch?

  6. So if the platform is similar to Amazon. This program allows you to give away gift cards ( which are Similar to amazon gift cards) and we get paid.
    1. Do we get paid for each of these gift cards that we give away or is that when the recipients uses them?
    2. You said you’ll pay our way in.
    Please explain that part.

  7. This is very interesting! I have become very stagnate in my Amazon/Ebay businesses this past year and look forward to something new!

  8. OK I have carefully listened to your video and from what you have presented ,I think its a very interesting and profiting e-business.
    Am ready for the second video and possibly join your platform as soon as you start.

    Denis Omony

  9. Sounds exciting Hitesh!
    Mark me down as an Aggressive Marketer! Can’t wait to see the entire picture and build this thing.
    Is it possible to ‘List Local & International Businesses’ on the platform and get paid for it too?
    Like a business referral monthly retainer?

  10. As always you knock it out of the Park! Currently not pleased with my E-Commerce- Thanks for Inclusion in the Game Changer!

  11. So looking forward to the new platform… I was never good at sales because I am not good at advertising. This will be different as who doesn’t want a coupon if they already shop there! PLACEMENT,PLACEMENT, PLACEMENT is my guess!! TY and am happy your family is well!

  12. Hitesh been with you since DSD. i like the sound of this idea you have especialy the gift card idea, i want to learn more and how to get started.
    my goal to make 100 dollars per day
    simple goal dont you think

  13. Hey Hitesh, Thank you for the exciting information. I’ve been looking for the unveiling information/video, and hope I haven’t missed an email or notification. Last email was received 6 October 2019.

  14. I haven’t received any updates. I understand there was a webinar ? Could I receive the latest please?
    Thank you,
    Glenn D. Stante

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